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The title of this blog comes from the words of Indian Prime Minister Nehru after the passing of Mahatma Gandhi. "The light that shone in this land was no ordinary light," Nehru said of the peaceful modern saint. The name of this blog, which chronicles my journey deeper into Spirit, is to remind us that there is no such thing as an ordinary light. The spiritual scriptures of many traditions such as the Bible, the Vedas, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the Koran and others all tell us that God is Light and so are we. It is the essence of who we are as a universe. Turn on your inner glow and shine it like a search light across the darkness of the world. We are the stuff of suns and stars.
We are no ordinary lights.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Universal Waiter

There is a restaurant in Rishikesh on the banks of the Ganga that has a roof top perch much like a treehouse. I retreat there when my stomach threatens mutiny if I eat one more meal of rice and daal. The two ceiling fans do nothing to decrease the oppressive heat this time of year, but the sight of Ganga is like doing Sitali pranayam for my soul. Named “Tip Top”, the English spoken here is as simple as the name suggests.

One waiter in particular speaks very limited English. No matter what you say to him, he responds with a yes. “Can I have my bill?” “Yes.” “May I have extra onions?” “Yes.” “Does this turban make me look fat?” “Yes.” Whether or not he responds to your request in the way you would like is questionable, but his positive response is clockwork.

He reminds me that the universe is always saying yes to the vibration that we are offering. Feeling depressed? “Yes!” says the universe, “Here’s more depression.” Convinced that all men are liars? “Yes!” says the universe, “I have another liar for you!” By the same token, if you persistently offer up a vibration of joy and peace, the universe says yes and brings you more of the same. It has to do with the quality of your electromagnetic field and the weight of your karma. Karma is simply the sum total of your vibrational offering.

This doesn’t mean that the universe is necessarily specific in the way you might anticipate. It doesn’t mean that when my friend recently had a lizard run up her pants while she was sleeping that she had specifically requested this experience from the universe before she went to bed that night. But she did feel uncomfortable at the ashram and she was unhappy with her room. Both of these thought forms are states of mind which would increase if a lizard ran up your pants in the night.

I am so grateful to this waiter, who always says yes, for reminding me to watch my words and hold my vibration into the pattern of what I do want, rather than the alternative. Asking for specifics is tricky, both with the universe and with Indian waiters. Best to smile at both in gratitude and joy and see what they bring.

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